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Awards presented at 2013 WJBA Annual Meeting

March 14, 2013 | 0 comments

Approximately 90 adult and junior members of the Wisconsin Jersey Breeders Association attended the 2013 annual meeting March 2 at the Best Western Grand Seasons Hotel and Conference Center.

Highlighting the daylong meeting hosted by parish 7, was the presentation of production awards, breeder awards, service awards and the announcement of the 2013 Jersey queen and princess.

WJBA officers and directors chose retiring secretary Dennis Post as the recipient of the association's Distinguished Service Award for his work in helping to keep the organization running smoothly. This year Post will serve as chairman of the All American Jersey Jug Futurity.

Linda Owens of Frederic was honored as the 2012 Jersey Woman of the Year, and Allen Hentsch was selected as Jersey Breeder of the Year, while Jacob Leum was chosen as Junior Breeder of the Year.


Several herds were honored for milk, protein and fat production. Kevin Ihm Jerseys of Barneveld was recognized in all three categories. The 30-cow herd posted an average of 24,708 pounds of milk, 886 pounds of protein and 1,172 pound of fat.

Bellwood Farms of Evansville posted the biggest improvement in milk production with a gain of 1,892 pounds.

Nic-Nat & Buck Shot Jerseys of De Forest added 90 pounds of protein to take the award in that category. That farm's Jeff-Ro Country Rollo also was honored for fat production.

Norse Star Moment of Norse Star Jerseys, Westby, won the milk award and Norse Star Tequila Katie was the protein winner.

Parish production winners were:

• Wirkus Jerseys for milk, fat and protein in Parish 1;

• Nic-Nat & Buck Shot Jerseys for milk and fat in Parish 2;

• Kevin Ihm Jerseys took all three awards in Parish 3;

• Norse Star Jerseys swept the Parish 4 awards;

• Killian Jerseys took milk and protein honors and Woodmohr Jerseys won the fat production award in Parish 5;

• In Parish 6 Last Chance Jerseys took the milk award while fat and protein honors went to Owens Farms;

• Tauchen Jerseys swept the Parish 7 awards, and:

• In Parish 8, D&D Jerseys won the milk and protein awards while the fat production award went to Ameri-Milk, Don Mielke.

Top Jersey Performance Index Rankings

The Gerald Laufenberg herd of Mt. Horeb had the top-ranked JPI herd. His 23 cows scored 120. David Allen, Reedsburg, ranked 111 for a 53-cow herd, and Lloyd Heinz of Shawano had a 67-cow herd that had an 81 rating. Wayne Green, Jr., Caddot, received the same rating for his 24 cows.

The top females for GJPI were:

• Windhavens Pastry Visionary-ET owned by Wayne Green, Jr., with a JPI of 271;

• All Lynns Critic Vandona-P-ET and All Lynns Dimension Venetta-ET, owned by David Allen, scored 260 and 253, respectively, and:

• Heinz Dominican Moo Moo 7942, owned by Lloyd Heinz, was rated at 248.

2012 Youth Awards

Among senior youth, the first-place trophy and $250 cash were awarded to Kaitlyn Riley, with the second-place award and $150 cash going to Janelle Remington. National nominees were Tommy Allen and Janelle Remington.

Kelly Wirkus and Kaitlyn Riley were the recipients of the $500 scholarships, with $250 scholarships awarded to Jacob Leum, Janelle Remington, Miranda Randall, Sydney Endres and Maighlin Farrell.

The Patti Endres Memorial Award was presented to Abby Tauchen.

Among junior youth, a Jersey calf, donated by Sorenson's Hillview Jersey Farm, was awarded to Colin Wussow.

The Lois Haeuser Memorial Award was presented to Iris Quinlan, and the Stargazers Jerseys High Protein Award was won by Kaila Wussow.

Following personal interviews and a brief presentation before the members, the names of the 2013 Wisconsin Jersey Queen and Princess were announced. Julia Owens of Frederic was chosen queen, and the 2013 Jersey Princess is Sydney Endres of Lodi.

A dessert auction raised more than $1,300 for the Wisconsin Jersey Association.

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