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Manitowoc County seniors win top honors at state dairy judging contest

July 29, 2014 | 0 comments

Eighty-six youth competed at the State 4-H Dairy Judging Contest held July 21 in Black River Falls in conjunction with the State Ayrshire and Guernsey shows.

Ayrshire and Guernsey animals were pulled out of the show strings, and Holstein, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn and Jersey cattle were trucked in from nearby farms to make classes for the contest.

A huge thank-you goes out to all of the Black River Falls area breeders who provided animals for the contest and to the Ayrshire and Guernsey breeders who welcomed the State 4-H Dairy Judging Contest to their show.

Manitowoc County took top honors in the Senior contest and will go on to represent Wisconsin in the National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest at World Dairy Expo. Dane County took second place and will represent Wisconsin and compete at the All American in Harrisburg, PA.

Kristin Broege from Rock County was the high individual in the Senior division, giving her the chance to compete, along with Dawson Nickels from Dodge County, Emily Hellendrung from Barron County and Jessica Pralle from Clark County, at the NAILE in Lousiville, KY. Lizi Endres was the top reasons individual with 191 out of 200 points.

In the Junior competition, Barron County won first team overall. Columbia County was the second-high team and was first in the Type Analysis Questions category.

In the Junior individual contest, Emily Pintens of Barron County edged out McKenzie Calvert of Lafayette County by 1 point to win the competition. Sarah Hagenow of Columbia County was the top individual in the Type Analysis Questions category.

Top Five Senior Teams

1. Manitowoc County: Crystal Peterman, Jordan Siemers, Tiffany Roberts, Sanne de Bruijn

2. Dane County: Lizi Endres, Elizabeth Sarbacker, Emma Olstad, Lindsay Sarbacker

3. Dodge County: Dawson Nickels, Aluexus Remington, Paul Grulke, Ben Buske

4. Rock County: Kristen Broege, Abigail Martin, Alyssa Templeton, Otis Johnson

5. Fond du Lac County: Matthew Kramer, Andrew Greenfield, Darren Kamphuis

Top Ten Senior Individuals

1. Kristen Broege, Rock County

2. Lizi Endres, Dane County

3. Dawson Nickels, Dodge County

4. Crystal Peterman, Manitowoc County

5. Benjamin Powers, Dunn County

6. Elizabeth Sarbacker, Dane County

7. Jordan Siemers, Manitowoc County

8. Matthew Kramer, Fond du Lac County

9. Emily Hellendrung, Barron County

10. Jessica Pralle, Clark County

Top Five Junior Teams

1. Barron County: Emily Pintens, Brooke Hammann, Justyne Frisle, Zach Moret

2. Columbia County: Ashley Hagenow, Sarah Hagenow, Brett Walker, Jarret Foster

3. Crawford County: Regan Kramer, Sarah Kearns, Cathleen Anderson, Lucas Kramer

4. Lafayette County: McKenzie Calvert, Madison Calvert, Gracie Douglas, Brooke Douglas

5. Sheboygan County: Cole Booth, Elise Bleck, Brady Bleck, Shaun Jens

Top Ten Junior Individuals

1. Emily Pintens, Barron County

2. McKenzie Calvert, Lafayette County

3. Ashley Hagenow, Columbia County

4. Brooke Hammann, Barron County

5. Sarah Hagenow, Columbia County

6. Ben Kronberg, Rock County

7. Cole Booth, Sheboygan County

8. Regan Kramer, Crawford County

9. Katie Crosby, Washburn County

10. Justyne Frisle, Barron County

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