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Random Luck wins Grand Champion

June 24, 2014 | 0 comments

Wisconsin Brown Swiss breeders gathered June 21 in West Salem, WI, to celebrate their breed by participating in the annual Brown Swiss State Show.

Lynn Harbaugh of Marion, WI, was on hand to sort through the 151 head of beautiful, big brown cows paraded before him. At the end of the day, Rick Thompson and Lisa Caya's Random Luck Farm, of Darlington, WI, climbed to the top of the heap, garnering both the Premier Breeder and Exhibitor banners, as well as exhibiting all four of the milking female champions.

The top cow for the day, with Grand Champion and Best Udder honors, was Random Luck V Precious. Precious won the Aged Cow class and was exhibited by Random Luck and their partners Voegeli Farm and Riedland. Taking Reserve Champion honors to her herdmate was Random Luck Prem Talent, the winning Component Merit Cow for Random Luck.

The Intermediate Champion banner went home with Random Luck S Peekaboo, the winning Junior Three-Year-Old, who Random Luck exhibited with Meghan Douglas. Random Luck Legacy Parasol-ET followed Peekaboo as the Reserve Intermediate Champion.

Taking home the top honors in the heifer show was the winning Fall Calf, M&M Kingpin Jodee, the entry of Matt and Megan Stuessel of Alma Center, WI. Following her up as the Reserve Junior Champion was the winning Fall Yearling, VoGrin Pepper Woodsy OCS, exhibited by Tammy Voegeli of Arlington.

The youth followed suit with the adults, exhibiting high quality cattle for Judge Harbaugh to select from. The open show Intermediate Champion, Random Luck S Peekaboo, took home the Grand Champion youth show honors for Meghan Douglas of Darlington. Reserve honors in the youth show went to Robin Muenzenberger of Coon Valley, WI, with his Aged Cow Bo-Valley Agenda Spree.

The youth show Junior Champion banner went home with Sara Harn of Brooklyn, WI, with her top Spring Yearling, Beu Dell Precious Adele, while Otis Johnson of Edgerton, WI, earned reserve honors with his Winter Yearling, Browns Gabbys Gouda.

Friday evening featured a meal sponsored by FAMO Feeds of Freeport, MN, and Hegg Mill of Ettrick, WI, as well as a youth showmanship contest, where Carla Stetzer of Alma Center, WI, was charged with sorting through the young showmen. Winning the Junior Division were Elise Bleck and Brianna Meyer. In the Intermediate Division, Otis Johnson bested his younger brother, Malcolm Johnson, while in the Senior Division, Ranae Holthaus and Leif Thompson took the top honors.

Component Merit Cows

1. Random Luck Prem Talent (Top Acres Prem Talent) exhibited by Rick Thompson

2. Top Acres Ensign Roxie-ET (R-Hart Simon Ensign) exhibited by Nick & Joyce Uglow

Aged Cows

1. Random Luck V Precious (Kruses Jade Vision) exhibited by Rick Thompson, Voegeli & Riedland

2. KB Cutting Edge P Dawn (Top Acres EP Premium) exhibited by Voegeli & Hillpoint


1. Ole Acres Token (Milk & Honey Prem Tally) exhibited by Ryan Olson

2. Arthurst Elevation Flair-ET (Harts Elevation Twin) exhibited by Kristin Sprengler


1. Jaden Parker Razzle (Brothers Three Parker) exhibited by Hayden Hauschildt

2. Christys BMLG Diamond Dayna (Blessings Mort Laura Legacy) exhibited by Christianson & Medo

Senior 3-year-olds

1. Random Luck Legacy Parasol-ET (Blessing Mort Laura Legacy) exhibited by Rick Thompson

2. Daveco Vigor Flirty-ET (Sun-Made Vigor) exhibited by Jill Cowles

Junior 3-year-olds

1. Random Luck S Peekaboo (Old Mill WDE Supreme) exhibited by Meghan Douglas & Rick Thompson

2. Jubolant Lady Berretta (Lost Elm Berretta) exhibited by Beth Nelson

Senior 2-year-olds

1. Old Mill Supreme Fame-ET (Old Mill WDE Supreme) exhibited by Nick Uglow

2. Random Luck PT LG Papaya-ET (Blessing Mort Laura Legacy) exhibited by Meghan Douglas & Rick Thompson

Junior 2-year-olds

1. Daveco Nemo Tina (Jo-Dee Prelude Nemo) exhibited by Dave Cowles

2. HHill B Three OA Neptune (Bo-Joy Agenda Goldwyn) exhibited by Ole Acres, Brothers Three and Horseshoe Hill

Fall Yearlings

1. VoGrin Pepper Woodsy OCS (R-Hart Cayenne Pepper) exhibited by Tammy Voegeli

2. Horseshoe Hill TTL Fearless (Sunnyisle Total) exhibited by Nick & Joyce Uglow

Winter Yearlings

1. Power Line Lebron Faith-ET (RNR Supreme Lebron) exhibited by Sutton Paulson

2. Kruses DR Victor Annabelle-ET (SCF Jet Victor) exhibited by Joyce Uglow

Spring Yearlings

1. Beu Dell Precious Adele (Precious Primetime) exhibited by Sara Harn

2. Ole Acres Jetway Shakira (Forest Lawn Simon Jetway) exhibited by Ryan Olson

Summer Yearlings

1. Cutting Edge Riva-ET (Cutting Edge Teaton) exhibited by Just So Farm

2. Precious B Priceless (Blessing Tex Braiden) exhibited by Meghan Douglas & Rick Thompson

Fall Calves

1. M&M Kingpin Jodee (Jodee Trooper Kingpin) exhibited by M&M Swiss

2. Red Brae DAA Durham Jenna (Hilltop Acres W Durham) exhibited by Elise Bleck & D. Armbruster

Winter Calves

1. VoGrin Renagade Why Not Me (Mort Blessing Dynasty Java) exhibited by Tammy Voegeli & Jeff Woods

2. Red Brae DAA Java Jessica (Mort Blessing Dynasty Java) exhibited by Elise Bleck & D. Armbruster

Spring Calves

1. M&M Total Shotski (Sunnyisle Total) exhibited by M&M Swiss

2. WF Supreme Nestle-ET (Old Mill WDE Supreme) exhibited by Brianna Meyer

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